Your inventory at your location. Delivered automatically to your website.

Your inventory at your location. Delivered automatically to your website.

Get all of your images at 4150 - from the moment of invoice!

eVN AutoGraph is a first of its kind digital merchandising solution – automatically delivering photo-real imagery of your entire inventory to your website: VIN specific, absolutely product correct, emotive images. In times of low inventory, traditional photography simply can’t cut it. 

With Autograph, you can sell deep into inventory by merchandising your in-transit vehicles to customers before they physically arrive.

The Results Are In

Within 1 month of a dealership enrolling in eVN AutoGraph, they saw:

in VDP Clicks

in window sticker looks

in form submissions

in VDP Clicks

in window sticker looks

in form submissions

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All-In Costs for Traditional Photography can run upwards of $40/vehicle. AutoGraph eliminates the vendor fees and logistical costs of on-site vehicle photography. 


Merchandise every vehicle from the moment of invoice 4150 – as soon as the vehicle is serialized, we create and deliver the vehicles images directly to your website.


Don’t settle for reused stock images. eVN AutoGraph creates unique CGI images for your digital merchandising needs – 100% product correct, delivered automatically to your site.


Make sure your entire new vehicle inventory is online. With AutoGraph you can guarantee 100% of your stock is online 100% of the time – not only on delivery but also while in-transit.


Our DIY Photography program can capture your unique dealership brand -reinforcing that the vehicle your customers are shopping for is at your store now.

Get your entire inventory delivered to your website automatically – Enroll today and get your new vehicle inventory online within 48-72 hours.

Bring your DEALERSHIP brand to life with UNIQUE background CHOICES

// Standard Background

High-quality representation of a standard, brand-aligned facility image. Each vehicle is placed on the appropriate branded background.

This option is included with your AutoGraph subscription.

// Enhanced Background

Choose between three background angles (Left, Right, Center) and add your dealership name and/or brand logos to the building.

*Cadillac Dealers - Stand-alone dealers may choose an angle but we cannot apply their name on the façade, due to Facilities guidelines. 

// Self-Shoot (DIY) Background

eVN will provide instructions, a custom site survey and all the guidance needed to take your own background photo for the solution.

Once returned to eVN our professional team will individually edit the image; removing blemishes, adjusting lighting, and color balancing

Get Instant R.o.I. with AutoGraph

"This is a no brainer for a dealership. "

"Number one, it’s going to be cheaper than any outside source..."

Save up to 80% vs. photography

Save up to 80%

vs. photography

With all-in photography costs upwards of $40 per unit (incl. personnel, vehicle prep, etc.), there are hidden costs piling up before you can get the photographs of your vehicles online. 

eVN AutoGraph can eliminate those “extra” costs associated with photography, while streamlining the entire process for your team. That amounts to a savings of almost $29,000 annually for the average dealership*.

*Average Dealer based on 2018 NADA Dealer Statistics

Activate $9.6M worth of inventory

Activate $9.6M

worth of inventory

At any given time, up to 30% of your inventory may not online yet due to reasons out of your control. Let your customers know you have the car or truck they are looking for now.

eVN AutoGraph sends 100% your new vehicle inventory to your website automatically; getting your new vehicle inventory online instantly. and eliminating virtually all delays in your online merchandising strategy.

*Average Dealer based on 2018 NADA Dealer Statistics

Customers 53% more likely to buy

Customers 53%

more likely to buy

Online shoppers want to know that the pictures they see are the actual vehicle they are looking for. Research shows they are 53% more likely to purchase a vehicle with accurate VIN Specific imagery, vs. stock images*. 

eVN AutoGraph builds product-accurate images for every VIN in your inventory upon serialization. Build trust with your customers and make sure that they know their next car is at your dealership.

*Kelly Blue Book Customer insight

How much will your dealership save with AutoGraph?

Watch the video below to see
How AutoGraph Works

Seamless Integration with leading 3rd Party Inventory Providers


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Dealer Testimonials

Dealer Testimonials


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