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Merchandise Your In-Transit Vehicles

Sell deep into your inventory

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A Car Unseen is a Car Unsold.

eVN Autoshot Available Now

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Kia AutoGraph Now Available!

27 VIN-Specific images for EVERY vehicle in your inventory.

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Game-Changing Accuracy

Down to the most important details.

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The industry’s only VIN-specific digital vehicle image service.


// Begin selling deep into inventory when VIN-Specific images are delivered to your site from the moment of invoice –  as soon as the VIN is associated to your dealership!


// eVN AutoGraph automatically delivers VIN-Specific, “photo-real” imagery of your entire inventory to your website –  20+ absolutely product correct, emotive images to engage with your customers.


// Showcase your brand and your vehicles at your location with a custom background image of your store. You can now easily take the photos on your own and professionally edited by our retouching team.

The results are in:

Within 1 month of a dealership enrolling in an eVN Image Solution, they saw:

in VDP Clicks

in window sticker looks

in form submissions

Read the full report here.

Get eVN for Your Dealership

Don’t see your Brand represented above? We are always interested in adding more brands to the solution.
Contact us and let us know which brands to include next!



Don’t settle for reused stock images. eVN AutoGraph creates unique CGI images for your digital merchandising needs – 100% product correct, delivered automatically to your site.


Make sure your entire new vehicle inventory is online. With AutoGraph you can guarantee 100% of your stock is online 100% of the time – not only on delivery but also while in-transit.


Merchandise every vehicle from the moment of invoice 4150 – as soon as the vehicle is serialized, we create and deliver the vehicles images directly to your website.


All-In Costs for Traditional Photography can run upwards of $40/vehicle. AutoGraph eliminates the vendor fees and logistical costs of on-site vehicle photography.


Our DIY Photography program can capture your unique dealership brand -reinforcing that the vehicle your customers are shopping for is at your store now.

All of Your Inventory, Everywhere

// You spend thousands of dollars monthly on advertising across a myriad of channels to bring customers to your website and store. Much of that is highly targeted spend across 3rd party sites & social media. AutoGraph integrates directly to many of the industry’s top Syndication platforms.

Don’t see you’re 3rd party provider listed? Send us an email and we’ll be happy to work directly with them to build the connection for your image feed. 

// eVN AutoGraph delivers images for every new vehicle assigned to your dealership, everywhere you want it to be. You’ll have images of each vehicle in stock or in-transit, so use it anywhere you want people to know that you have it: web, mobile, 3rd party.

There are absolutely no licensing fees, allowing you to freely syndicate your inventory imagery to any 3rd party service, or site that you authorize.

Choose the Right Background for Your Brand

Standard Background

// Brand-Aligned background included with AutoGraph image service.

Enhanced Background

/Set your image apart with your dealer name,  additional dynamic angles, and branding.

Dealer-Taken Background

/DIY photography made simple with a custom site survey and professional image retouching.