A Smarter Way to Merchandise

Custom to your local brand

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Light Speed to Market™

Instantly online, no more lag

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Game-Changing Accuracy

Build customer trust

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All of Your Inventory, All of the Time

Everything, including ‘float’ vehicles

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Includes In-Transit Vehicles

Sell deep into your inventory

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A Smarter Way to Merchandise

eVN AutoGraph is a first of its kind digital merchandising solution – automatically delivering “photo real” imagery of your entire inventory: VIN specific, absolutely product correct, emotive images. Your inventory at your location.

By combining accurate 3D models with the product feature information contained in each VIN, AutoGraph generates VIN-specific photo-real images of the vehicles in your inventory.  These images can be placed with actual photographs of your dealership to make it appear that the vehicle is sitting in front of your dealership.


STANDOUT with emotive, photo-quality content of your stock, 100% product correct,  not merely ‘VIN Specific’

SHOWCASE your entire new vehicle inventory online – from what’s on the ground to what’s in-transit

ELIMINATE issues often found with photography and stock images – time lags, weather concerns, logistics, inconsistencies

REDUCE costs versus the logistical & physical costs of local photography

CUSTOMIZED to your local brand with all your stock on an actual background photo of your location


Light Speed to Market™

The vast majority of buyers shop your inventory online before deciding whether to visit the store. Never leave your customer wanting for more. Have your stock online as fast as possible to capture their attention and prove that you have the vehicle that they are looking for now!

Go to market at Light Speed, for all of your inventory.

Get your vehicle images within 24 hours of serialization, even in-transit vehicles.

Capitalize on efficiency and market your vehicles ahead of your competition.

With AutoGraph you can guarantee 100% of your stock is online 100% of the time – not only on delivery but also while in-transit. As soon as a vehicle is associated to your inventory, we get to work. 

eVN’s solution eliminates “float” – as soon as the vehicle is serialized, we create and deliver the vehicles images directly to your website.

Maximize the number of vehicles customers can see in your inventory.


The average dealer  has 210 units in stock at any given time, of which 30% may not be online for reasons out of your control. That’s nearly $2.8 Million in missed revenue over the course of the year!

*Based on dealer sales numbers from 2019 NADA Report. (Average Dealer 800 units annually (210 in  inventory). $40k average retail price x 70 units = $2.8M)

Game-Changing Accuracy

Customers need to trust that the vehicle that they see online is exactly what they will see when they visit your dealership to buy. Engage your customers with 1st class, emotive content.

100% Accuracy means there’s no doubt for your customers – you have exactly what they want.

If you have the vehicle in your inventory, we provide VIN specific images.

Choose a customized background of your actual store to showcase your branding

Utilizing the manufacturer’s engineering CAD data for each vehicle, along with the LPO/RPO codes from the individual VIN, eVN provides 100% accurate vehicles. We go beyond make, model, and trim, right down to the product part level.

Taking it a step further, you have the option to have your store professionally shot & then included in all of your imagery as your own custom background showcasing your store’s branding

Receive a copy of the final image of your store, at massive 4K resolution, to use in your other marketing as you please

All of Your Inventory, Everywhere

You spend thousands of dollars monthly on advertising across a myriad of channels to bring customers to your website and store. Much of that is highly targeted spend across third party sites & social media. 

You don’t have to limit what you merchandise based on what is on hand. We create 100% of your inventory, from Serialization

With all cars in all of your locations and channels, your content is where your customers are shopping.

As soon as a vehicle is associated to your dealership, we will provide the images.

Autograph delivers every new vehicle assigned to your dealership, everywhere you want it to be. You’ll have images of every vehicle in stock, so use it anywhere you want people to know that you have it: web, mobile, 3rd party.

Autograph comes with absolutely no licensing fees, allowing you to freely syndicate your inventory imagery to any 3rd party service, or site that you authorize.

Stand out with Enhanced Backgrounds

New for 2020, eVN is proud to offer additional choices to help your dealership brand stand out. Level up with your ENHANCED digital backgrounds today!

CHOOSE From multiple dynamic angles for each brand for a natural feel

ADD  your dealership name to the front of the building and make sure your customers know who you are.

Upgrade your standard background to ENHANCED today!

Localize with Custom Photography

AutoGraph includes the option to have your store professionally shot & included in all of your vehicle imagery as your own custom background.

PRESENT your store branding directly in each image

ELIMINATE  the need to add branding overlays when syndicating

RECEIVE a copy of the final image of your store, at massive 4K resolution, to use in your other marketing as you please

Learn More about our Custom Dealership Photography here.