eVN Inc.


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eVN AutoGraph is offered as a monthly subscription service with tiered costs based on your annual sales volume. To learn more about how AutoGraph can save your GM dealership time and money, visit this page! Enroll in the AutoGraph vehicle image service at GM Digital Dealer.

eVN and FordDirect VINReal is offered as a monthly subscription service, with tiered costs based on your annual sales volume. To learn more about how VINReal can save your Ford dealership time and money, visit this page. Enroll for the FordDirect VINReal service at  Dealer Connection.

eVN solved our imaging problem. It was not possible to manage photographing 600 vehicles on multiple locations in a timely manner. Now we are confident that every car will be displayed properly before it is delivered to our dealership without any employee interaction.

Bill Brunner
General Manager, Paramus Chevrolet

This a very timely solution offered to GM dealers. We were struggling to keep current on our New Vehicle photography, and eVN has been a great improvement to our marketing efforts online. It has decreased our work load significantly. We also now don’t have to worry environmental factors like low bright sunlight, shadows, or snow on our vehicles.

Christian Kostelecky
General Manager, Sax Motor Co.

This is a no brainer for a dealership.  Too often times stock photos don’t show accurate color and equipment.  With eVN you get accurate color equipment etc.  I wish other OEM’s would sign up so I could do all of our franchises. 

Patrick Martin
e-Commerce Director, Star Automall

Don Quest and his team are extremely adept and proactive in 3rd party integrations and they get quality vehicle images done quickly.  A huge time saver for our stores!  Strongly recommend these go-getters!   

Chuck Olsen
Sales Director, Boucher Automotive Group

Number one, it's going to be cheaper than any outside source to take physical pictures...but then again it's connecting with your consumers the way we are shopping nowadays.

"Big" Al Gillespie
Chief Marketing Officer, Feldman Automotive

We all love it. It captures our unique showroom, looks 100% believable and the vehicles look great.

Bob Wheat
General Manager, Village Ford