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eVN AutoGraph is offered as a monthly subscription service with tiered costs based on your annual sales volume. To learn more about how AutoGraph can save your GM dealership time and money, visit this page! Enroll in the AutoGraph vehicle image service at GM Digital Dealer.

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The Product : CGI Vehicle Image Service

Q. What is photo-real / photorealistic CGI?

Photorealistic computer-generated imagery of vehicles is deliberately life-like, not post produced ‘beauty shots’ or re-worked to create a stylized image. They are designed to accurately reflect actual conditions (lighting, reflections, etc.) at each dealership to replicate how a vehicle would look if parked and photographed at that dealership.

Q. What is VIN-specific CGI?

GM VIN level build information (i.e. factory installed RPO/LPO codes) is used to compile the relevant visual parts of a vehicle and return a set of images that is product accurate to each VIN. Note, VIN codes do not include any after-market features or anything installed by the dealer sold over the counter, so these things will not show in the images.

Q. What are the advantages of VIN-specific CGI?

Being able to create the image of a vehicle down to the VIN level means these images can be used to showcase a dealer’s inventory fast, cost-efficiently, and accurately. When merged with photographs of the dealership, you have the ability to display photorealistic images that engage customers with images of your entire stock, custom to your local brand.

Q. What are the benefits of using CGI vehicle image services?

Dealers have consistently defined specific criteria that must be met for the solution to show true value to their business:

  1. Realistic imagery. Deliberately life-like, not post produced ‘beauty shots’ – designed to replicate how a vehicle would look if parked and photographed at that exact
  2. Reduced lag time. Process enables dealers to merchandise each vehicle at, or before, delivery. (Subject to State law).
  3. Available Dealership branding. Ability to showcase the vehicle in front of the
  4. All stock (based on data availability). Essentially available from serialization, all stock is available including that currently defined as ‘float’.
  5. Reduced cost. Stock imagery can be considered inexpensive but inadequate. Traditional photography can be expensive and incur significant additional logistical problems and costs. CGI image service reduce costs associated with staging and preparing your inventory for traditional photography, while delivering a high-quality
  6. Through your inventory provider, dealers can syndicate to social media, local marketing campaigns, Tier 2 interactions, etc. in any way that adds value. There is no additional license fee to re-use the images.


Q. How do I enroll?

A link to the enrollment page is available through  This will take a dealer to enroll via GlobalConnect which outlines all options, pricing, product detail and terms & conditions. (Or the dealer can go directly to their GlobalConnect site).

Q. Are all dealerships able to participate?


Q. Are used vehicle images part of vehicle image service?

At this time, used vehicles are not part of the Program.

Q. How long am I required to contract a provider’s image service for?

Like most other products available through Dealer Digital Solution, CGI image solutions are contracted monthly with an automatic renewal policy. Dealers are required to submit a 30-day cancellation notice through the program participation website to opt-out of a provider’s service.

Q. Are there other OEMs who offer this eVN service?

Currently, Ford.

Service Delivery

Q. How quickly will I see CGI vehicle images on my website?

About 24-48 hours from enrollment notification.

Q. How many images will be included for each VIN?

Starting with the 2022 Model Year, dealers will receive 22 images for each VIN.

Q. Will every eligible vehicle in my inventory receive an image?

Yes, as long as the following criteria is met:

  1. The VIN data sent to the image provider, using DMS data as one source, is complete

  2. All GM provided build data is complete for every VIN

NOTE: GM and its image service providers will troubleshoot non-deliverable images in an effort to ensure all eligible inventory is rendered. However, there may be situations where the available data prevents this from occurring and no image is returned to your dealer website. It is not anticipated that this situation would occur often.

Q. Will all visible vehicle options be displayed on the images?

Yes, as long as the following criteria is met:

  1. There is a factory installed RPO/LPO code within the extended VIN information received from GM

  2. The RPO/LPO is orderable within the GM Vehicle Order Guide

Anything that is after market, or sold over the counter (i.e. lift kits, running boards, etc.) will NOT show in the image set (GM does not have math data or a way to know what was put on the vehicle post factory). A dealer may want to photograph his vehicle, and/or those components, to showcase the addition equipment.

Q. Can these CGI vehicle images be syndicated?

eVN/GM maintains many other integrations with inventory providers, such as Homenet, vAuto, FirstLook, NetLook, Dealer Specialties, etc.  A dealer just needs to advise us if they are interested in this option and we can work with them to get it completed.

Q. What happens to the photos that are already up on the site?

None of the “Dealer photos” uploaded to your GM Dealer website will be changed — they will remain the #1 positioned image that is displayed for your inventory. The eVN Photo Feed is set as #2 image priority, behind “dealer” photos.  This means that if you have actual photography the eVN feed will show after those images.  The priority of image source can be set in a dealer’s web system if they choose to show the eVN images first.


Q. What backgrounds are available to the dealer?

Dealers can choose from three background options:

  1. Standard Image Service. Comes standard with the service.  Vehicles are displayed in front of a replicated building utilizing the brand’s facility standards.  No extra charge.

  2. Enhanced Dealership Background. This option allows a dealer to choose from three backplate perspectives of their storefront (left, center, right) with the ability to add their Dealership name and/or brand logos to the facility.  Note for Cadillac Dealers: Multi-line facility images remain against Pinnacle guidelines. Therefore, multi-line Cadillac Dealers wishing to utilize the Enhanced Background options may only do so on their C/B/G website as it will fall out of compliance for the Cadillac website.

  3. Fully Customized Background. Dealers will be contacted by the photographer to set up a convenient time to photograph their store.  Note, dealers choosing this option will receive images on the Standard Background until their Custom or Enhanced Background is finalized and approved by the dealer.  For the Custom Photography option, Dealers will also be sent a copy of their background in a 4K resolution that they can use if desired, in other forms of their marketing

Q. How long will it take for vehicle images with a Custom Dealership background be displayed on a site?

For the Custom Option, once your dealership photography is complete, it will take approximately 8 weeks before new images will appear with the new background. For the Enhanced Background option, the timing is approximately 2 weeks. Until then, images will be delivered on a universal background.  Once ready, all images currently on the site and added going forward will be on the new background.

Q. Can you photograph other areas within the dealership (e.g. the service bay)?

Only exterior photograph of the dealership may be used in order to match the vehicle which is lit for an outside location.

Q. Can you shoot at another location near my dealership (e.g. local area favorite spot?)

Currently, no.


Q. How much does the CGI vehicle image service cost?

GM has set the monthly fees based on your dealership’s previous year’s new vehicle retail sales volume. The monthly fee will be the same throughout each calendar year and be adjusted annually on the first of February if necessary. A matrix detailing current monthly rates is posted on the Dealer Digital Solution website.

Q. Can I use iMR funds on CGI vehicle image services?  Are they eligible for GM match?