How It Works

Once you enroll, eVN is provided with detailed VIN information for each vehicle in your inventory. Within days, our cloud-based image solution, AutoGraph begins generating images and automatically provides them directly to your website.


Enrollment is managed directly through your OEM’s portal. Click the link below for help!

VIN info

Once enrolled, eVN will be notified of the VINs serialized for your inventory and provided with the VIN Info for each vehicle. 

eVN AutoGraph Service

Accurate 3D models of the engineering data is combined with the product feature information contained in each VIN to build images of each vehicle in your inventory. 

Have your images placed on a brand facility background, or on a customized photograph of your store.

Image Distribution

20+ exterior, interior and product feature images of every new vehicle will populate on your site within days.


Extend your marketing reach by pushing the images to any 3 party site with no additional licence fee. 

Learn more about eVN AutoGraph for your Dealership

eVN AutoGraph is the market leader in state-of-the-art CGI digital retailing content


eVN AUtoGraph creates unique CGI images for your digital merchandising needs. Every vehicle is generated on demand for your dealership. If you get a new car in your inventory, we create a new set of 20+ images of that car for you.

These images are created using that actual 3D data not just re-purposing generic Brand imagery, that provide only a few low-quality photoshop’d images – in effect declaring to the customer that a purchase from you is ‘generic’ so they should only shop on price.


Our Easy-to-follow DIY Photography Guide will help you through the process.

Personalized site survey and direct communication ensures you get the look you’re looking for.

Each photo is individually edited; removing blemishes, adjusting lighting, and balancing colors so your brand is best represented.


Stock images are all but useless, but traditional photography is expensive and logistically troublesome. Typical fees for photography run $15-20 per unit. Dealers tells us that their true cost – including logistics such as locating & portering, unwrap & prep, wash & dry, placement in a prime position, etc. – doubles that to a more realistic $30-$40 per unit all-in.

AutoGraph costs a few hundred dollars a month, saving an average of 60% over photography, that’s $20,000 annually for an average dealership selling 600 units.