Kia AutoGraph is LIVE
Read below to learn how to connect the service to your dealer site.
Quality and Accuracy
27 Photo-Real Images for Every New Vehicle in your Inventory
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27 Images for Every Vehicle
Every detail in stunning accuracy
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Congratulations! You're already enrolled in Kia AutoGraph!

Kia has generously purchased the Kia AutoGraph vehicle image service for its entire North American Dealer Network. That means you’re just one step away from receiving 27 high-quality, “photo-real” images for every new vehicle in your inventory.

These images will be generated based on the VIN for the applicable vehicle so that you can post images of the vehicle more quickly and efficiently without having to take photographs of the vehicle. You can use them anywhere you want people to know that you have it: web, mobile, 3rd party.  There are absolutely no licensing fees for these vin-specific images, allowing you to freely syndicate your inventory imagery to any 3rd party service, or site, that you authorize.

There's just one more step to connect the service to your site...

To enable the best path for your imagery, we will need to integrate with your inventory provider, this is typically Homenet, vAuto, MaxDigital, etc. Please send an email to to let eVN know who your provider is. Upon confirmation of your inventory provider, the following will occur:
  1. eVN will send an integration request email to your inventory provider. You will be cc’d on this request as you will have to approve the feed.
    1. eVN will already be providing the images when this initial email is sent. This ensures the images are ready and waiting for the integration partner.
  2. Your inventory provider will respond, seeking your approval to integrate with the eVN service. You will need to provide approval for the provider by replying to their email; making sure to keep eVN cc’d for visibility.
  3. Upon your approval and your inventory provider confirmation that the import has been set up, imagery will begin to flow into their system.
  4. Once imagery is in their system, you will be able to push the images to:
    1. Your website 
    2. 3rd party sites such as,, etc.

As we move forward, if there are ever any questions or concerns you may contact us directly at: or visit our website for more info, at